During the season of Lent, Christ Church Cathedral will offer Ash Wednesday services, Lent study groups, meditations at homes, and a quiet day retreat. Everyone is invited to register for this formation events open to all. To find out more about these, please continue reading below.


Christ Church Cathedral\’s clergy will offer four services with imposition of ashes, and Ashes on the go in front of our Cathedral building, for all people wishing to receive the Ashes and/or prayer.




– 7:00am – Holy Eucharist and Ashes

– 12:00pm – Holy Eucharist and Ashes

– 5:30pm – Holy Eucharist and Ashes (With Choir)

– 7:00pm – Santa Misa y cenizas (Con el Coro Latinoamericano)


It’s an ordinary weekday, and in the middle of your daily tasks, you stumble into a moment of prayer.  The street corner, the coffee shop, or some other ordinary place is suddenly a place where God has come to meet you. Read more about Ashes to go.

– 8:00am

– 11:00am

– 4:00pm


Companions in the Wilderness: A Lenten Journey through Prose and Poetry

\"ChristWilderness is an apt metaphor for our uncertain times. As a congregation in leadership transition, in a nation rent by division amid a contentious election build-up, in a world beset by countless crises, where can we find fellow travelers? And through them how can we feel touches of God’s compassion and guidance? Join in this study group to discover companions of all sorts and conditions. We’ll meet them in biblical narrative and business analysis, poems and psalms, essays and short stories, and the memoir of a wrongfully convicted death-row inmate.

Four Tuesdays in Lent: March 3, March 10, April 14, April 21. In the parish hall 6:45-8pm. Dinner served at 6pm.

Questions? Contact Tom Kryder-Reid at tomkr@cccindy.org

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Updated schedule and study materials


Stations of the Cross, the Way of Sorrows, or the Via Crucis (in Latin), developed from the practice of Pilgrims in Jerusalem, recreating and contemplating Christ\’s journey to Calvary. The 14 Stations, reflect scenes of Christ\’s passion drawn from the gospels and tradition. In many churches, the stations are arranged in the nave of the Sanctuary, with Christians stopping at each to pray and reflect. Every Friday of Lent, at 12:05pm (Feb. 28th – April 3rd)



Durante los viernes de cuaresma, la congregación se reunirá en diferentes hogares para meditar sobre los pasajes de la Biblia que nos hablan acerca del camino de la Cuaresma. También nos reunimos para orar por nuestras peticiones, así como por las necesidades de la congregación, nuestra comunidad, el país y el mundo entero.

Todos los viernes, empezando el 6 de Marzo, en diferentes hogares a las 6:00pm.

Para mayor información, por favor comunicarse con Verónica Godínez al correo electrónico veronica@cccindy.org

Registrese aquí.






Membra Jesu nostre, a title that defies elegant translation, is a cycle of seven cantatas, each a meditation on Christ on the Cross, his feet, knees, hands, side, breast, heart and face. The Latin text is drawn from the Rhythmica oratio attributed to the twelfth-century Cistercian St Bernard of Clairvaux or to the thirteenth-century Arnulf of Louvain, who belonged to the same religious order. The Choir of Adults and Choristers will present this concert on March 7.30pm. The concert is Free and Open to the Public.


6. QUIET DAY: Opening our hearts

What is a Quiet Day?

For so many of us, life can be fast and furious. We tend to run from one responsibility to another, all the time asking ourselves how we are going to find the time to do everything on our to-do list, plus all those unexpected responsibilities that enter our days.  We grow increasingly tired and, because of our busyness, we risk our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Quiet Day is an opportunity to take a break, to let ourselves simply be, in a time that is set apart, a period in which we can rest, reflect, and re-charge our spiritual batteries.

We read in the Gospels that Jesus knew only too well what it was like to be under pressure. As Jesus became known as a teacher and a healer, crowds of people followed him around, making more and more demands on him.  So that he could get the peace and quiet he needed to minister effectively, Jesus regularly withdrew to a place where he could be alone with his Abba, a place where he was able to renew his spirit and receive refreshment before he returned to the demands the world placed on him.

Quiet Day is a one-day retreat, during which we can enjoy an extended period of prayer and reflection. This time apart provides us an opportunity to regain some balance between doing and being.   A quiet day may have a theme that is introduced at the beginning of the day, and may include input offered at intervals during the day.   These intervals will lead into silence and space for reflection.  There will be time to relax and to savor the peace and stillness of this special time with God.

The Quiet Day will typically begin with a short service, inviting participants to let go of any concerns they may have brought with them.  At the end of the day, there is a short service to give thanks to God for the girts that have been received that day.   And then, the participants leave for home, relaxed and spiritually renewed.

Christ Church Cathedral will offer a Quiet Day on Saturday, March 14th.  Its theme is “Opening our Hearts.” 

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All children are invited to celebrate the Via-Crucis or Way of the Cross. This is  devotion in which all children will experience the Journey of Jesus to the cross by carrying the cross, creating art, doing tastings, singing, and being involved in other kinds of hands on experiences, Godly Play Style.

The Children\’s Via Crucis will take place on March 1st, the First Sunday of Lent, at 11:30am,  in the Nave. For more information, please contact Anne Tordai.




On March 6-8, youth of the diocese will gather at Waycross for a peer-led retreat about how fears, failures, and imperfections can be used to bring glory to God. The retreat will include scripture, music, workshops, games, worship, small group activities, and more.
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