First I want to greet you and thank you for taking the time to read these lines. My name is Mario Ávila. I have been a Parishioner of the Christ Church Cathedral sice 2015. In 2017,  I became a member of the Latin American Choir. Being part of the choir has been a great blessing to my life. Sharing with all of you in the congregation has been a unique experience. As a member of the Church I have had the opportunity to meet many more people with a great spirit of service, and that for me has been a great motivation. As an immigrant, I can say that It has always pleased me to teach others, and show the people of this country the good things we have to show in our Hispanic culture, and how good it is to share with them the best of our culture. In my work, I have had the opportunity to serve many people, and more than a job, I see it as a ministry to be of service to other people. That is my way of life. The work I\’ve had has always been a way to help and serve others. I love to help, sometimes to a fault, and that\’s why I sometimes end up in trouble, for helping more than I should, but I don\’t think I can change my way of life. I have managed to balance my service and my work well. I like to treat my clients personally, to know who they are, where they come from, and how we can serve them. My work has helped me to give a hand to those who need it most, and that is one of the great satisfactions of my life.

I am interested in serving in the Parish Board to collaborate and see how to attract more people, especially in the Hispanic service. I am sad to know that there is no sustainable effort in the Cathedral that attracts and keeps people within the Church. Why are there people who come and go? I would like to help us find a more attractive approach and be able to retain our guests. I feel something is missing, and I want to help change to improve, focusing on how we can nurture the visit of new visitors, and new members.

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