Update From The Search Committee

Release: October 1, 2019


Over the past few weeks, the dedicated members of the Search Committee have been hard at work determining and undertaking the first important steps in the search process for our new Dean. In addition to meeting bimonthly and researching, our Search Committee members have spent much time in thought and prayer. We are grateful for their commitment and efforts to date and in the coming months. During the Dean’s Forum on October 13 we will share more updates in person and answer the questions that you have. 


The Search Committee is pleased to share the following updates:


Transition Survey- Opens October 11! 


The beginning of this transition provides a wonderful opportunity to gather important information and input from the heart of Christ Church Cathedral – the members that make up our parish. To that end, the Committee is collaborating with a firm that works with churches nationwide to commission a survey for our members. The Survey Sub-Committee has curated a list of questions to most closely meet the needs of our unique congregation and current situation. 


This survey will allow us to gather valuable information about our congregation, including who we are, our core values, our personal experiences within the church and, of course, the issues that we believe are most important to consider when selecting our new rector. 


We strongly encourage every member of Christ Church Cathedral to take part in this survey, as it is the strong belief of the entire Search Committee that every voice should be heard during this process.


The survey opens on 10/11/19 and will close on 11/4/19. Complete the survey here: 

English: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/christchurchindianapolis

Spanish: https://es.surveymonkey.com/r/cccindianapolisinespanola


Holy Conversations- Join us November 11, November 17 and December 8!


These important communications within our congregation will help to guide the entire search process, ensuring that every voice is heard as we move through this transition and beyond as a strong and loving congregation. The Holy Conversations will be held in three separate sessions, in both English and Spanish, facilitated by members of the Search Committee who have received special training in this matter. Join us after the 10am or 1pm service on November 11, November 17 and December 8!


We encourage each and every member of the parish to be a part of these sessions, and share your thoughts and experiences prayerfully and with an open heart. Dates and times will be determined soon, and announced via a separate update. 


Our Church Profile


The creation of a Church Profile is one of the most important parts of the early search process, as it will provide potential applicants who are discerning with comprehensive information concerning all aspects of Christ Church Cathedral. This will be a multi-dimensional document, providing facts and figures, imagery and ideology, history and heart. It will allow discerning leaders who seek to join us to know the heart of Christ Church Cathedral, as we will seek to know theirs.


The information and feedback obtained through the successful completion of both the Holy Conversations and the Transition Survey will be necessary to the completion of an accurate, inspirational and compelling Church Profile. 


As always, the involvement of the congregation is both welcomed and encouraged. Please contact SearchCommittee@cccindy.org with any questions or concerns. 


Next Steps


As we complete the first phase of the search process, we will keep you updated. We will share updates monthly, and more frequently as we continue through the process. 


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