CCC Foundation

  1. Johnnie Alex (Ex Officio Director, Senior Warden of Christ Church Cathedral)
  2. Anne De Prez (Director, Parishioner)
  3. Ken File (President and Director, Parishioner)
  4. A. Lacy (Director, Parishioner)
  5. Tom Nikols (Director, Non-parishioner)
  6. William “Bill” White (Director)
  7. Donna Worth (Vice-President and Director)
  8. Linda Zimmerman (Foundation Treasurer and Director)
  9. Kathryn Hudspeth (Director, Non-parishioner)
  10. Tavonna Harris Askew (Director, Non-parishioner)


  1. John Zimmerman (Chair)
  2. William “Bill” White
  3. Johnnie Alex (Senior Warden, Ex-Officio)
  4. Shannon Joyce (Junior Warden)
  5. Claudia Maddox
  6. Eric Ditters
  7. Amy Johnson
  8. Thomas Craig (Parish Administrator)


  1. Dwight Stinson (Chair)
  2. John Goulding
  3. William Robert “Will” Bates
  4. Charles Kindermann
  5. Mark Calvert
  6. Floyd Acoff (Cathedral Properties and Facilities Manager)
  7. Thomas Craig (Parish Administrator)
  8. Johnnie Alex (Senior Warden, Ex-Officio)
  9. Irma Petrosino


  1. Irma Petrosino (Chair, Treasurer)
  2. Donna Worth
  3. Anne DePrez
  4. George Soukup
  5. Michael Fischer
  6. Ken File (Foundation Chair)
  7. Matt Henry
  8. Johnnie Alex (Senior Warden, Ex-officio)
  9. Thomas Craig (Parish Administrator)


This is a new committee that is being formed, and was just approved by Vestry on May 13th, 2019. More information on members soon.


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